Drum Machine based on 7400 ICs

Dangerous Prototypes is having a competition based around building awesome projects using discrete logic components (7400, 4000) as a major part of the project. I had many ideas for submissions for this competition, for example, Pong (or another basic videogame), Game of Life, a real life color detector with readout to hex and an RGB LED. However, I decided on making a drum machine for this project.

I spent this weekend designing the overall project and constructing various parts of it. Currently I have the clock and Multiplexer both up and running and I am confident I can get the rest of the circuit running by October 21st.

Here is what the project currently looks like:

More pictures can be found here

My current schematics can be found on my github here.

More information about the competition can be found here.

Happy Hacking!