More Electronics For Wall Art

I found a few more pieces of techno junk over the last few weeks. Read on to see a torn apart iPod and iPod touch, which I made into pretty nice pieces for my wall.


This time I used a slightly modified set of materials. Most notably opaque acrylic and VHB tape (much better).

  1. Retired electronics
    1. Gen 5 iPod (back etched with "DON'T PANIC")
    2. iPod Touch (back etched with "Never stop questioning"
  2. 12 ft. x 12 ft. white acrylic (Amazon)
  3. 1 in. Width 3M VHB Tape (Amazon)

Drilling The Holes

This time I used white acrylic. I marked two drill hits 0.5 inches in from the corners. I used some clamps I acquired from my grandfather to hold down a piece of scrap wood to make the drill hits without harming my workbench.

The Final Products

As I tore these retired pieces of equipment apart I would like to make some notes. The progression from the iPod to the iPod Touch is very impressive from a design and integration standpoint. The increase in complexity, battery density and RF concerns are really not very easy to compare. You can tell that the designers had been learning incrementally. Notably the iPod Touch is a much more integrated product. It is NOT made to be maintained and all sub components are soldered together in one piece, which reduces cost and probably decreases manufacturing faults. In the 5th Gen iPod there is a clear intent to be able to swap out a part if need be (comes back for refurb); however, this no doubt increased cost for those additional connectors. It is a very interesting design to analyze.

Now I have two new beautiful additions to my wall.

On The Wall
On The Wall


This post is mostly a follow up to Making Broken Electronics Into Wall Art.

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