Firestarter Assembly and Testing: January 6, 2012


An overview of work on the BU Rocket Propulsion Group Firestarter boards.


  • Make all references larger and more readable. Particularly a problem on the 0603 and 0402 passives
  • 0402 and 0603 pads should be a little longer, hard to get down without paste
  • DGND and D+3.3V are shorted together. Site of problem is the power vias on U2.
  • Need more test points. Some vias should be exposed.

Progress and Fixes


I soldered down the E-Match fire electronics, which was easy. Everything seems in order, but I did not test anything.


I found out that DGND and D+3.3V are shorted together due to an error in the board layout. The error has been fixed and saved. In the current run of boards the fix is to drill the vias out so that there is no connection between layers at that site. U2 will require a wire connection to D+3.3V.

Future Tasks

  • Solder down analog side and do a thorough test. Problems in the analog side may be hard to fix without a revision.
  • Solder down digital side. First get down Microcontroller and test JTAG interface.

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