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Some new projects are going on. I changed up the format of my github so that I have three projects at the moment. The first one is Poster.rb, which I will expand upon later. The second is, scripts-and-stuff, which is just a dumping ground for whatever I am working on. I was inspired by some articles I read about _why to try out the concept of shipping and just getting my code out to the world, regardless of quality control. I was scared of doing this, but at this point in my career it is more beneficial, because it is inspiring and helpful. The final repository is a fork of RHoKBrum’s HeightCatcher app for the Android OS, which I may or not fix up the documentation for and help with development.

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Python Development 1: Brushing Up and Google APIs

PythonI started brushing up on python recently. In actuality there was not a whole lot of brushing up to do. In fact, the process was fairly straight forward. I remembered the syntax and most of the basic concepts behind the language. I also started working on a “List Cruncher” for (a music site which I co-founded, but currently am uninvolved in).

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